Dinner by Design


Q: Why are people who work for Clorox the best sports fans in the world?

A: Because they’re always in the bleachers.

You’re welcome!

Today we’re going to talk about something so undeniably important, I’m thinking you might have a hard time focusing on anything else for the rest of the day.

Dinner (but for SEO purposes, I’m totally telling Google this post is about Web Design).

What I’m curious about is how y’all keep it fresh in the kitchen these days?! In our house, I don’t do the cooking, but I do the meal planning and cleanup. And while the cook (Jade) can do just about anything, I need to keep it reasonable…you know…so the clean-up is easier on me.

Now, this has been our routine for a while and I do my best to come up with new recipes. I scour the internet for new ideas and even read the 77-page backstory telling me about the author’s aunty’s grandma who used to make the sauce for this chicken dish over a fire in the islands of Guam. But to be honest, a great deal of those recipes are pretty much the definition of “meh”.

I’ve even tried a couple of those subscription meal boxes and I will say, the meals from those things almost always slap (I think that’s what the kids say these days). But I’ll be damned if they didn’t keep leaving out some obscure ingredient that was essential to the meal which left my ass running all over town searching for a “thumb of ginger” (that one almost earned me a beating from a redhead), or I don’t know…the oil of some middle eastern olive that went extinct three years ago. My point is, their “simple meal solutions” sent me on missions that were tantamount to The Hunt for the Red October. I’d be Russian (yeah, sorry about that) all over the place trying to keep the whole thing from imploding!

So if y’all don’t mind helping out your favorite design team…tell us what you do? How do you conquer the meal madness? I mean if you want, you can just tell us what you’re having and we’ll have it too. We’d be ever so grateful.


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